Welcome to Jersey Trees for Life.

Formerly Jersey Men of the Trees, we are a registered charity in Jersey providing protection, care, and education for and about trees on our island. We provide educational services to schools and organisations, plan and manage environmental care schemes including volunteer work, and provide expert advice on trees and hedges and their associated environments to the wider public.

We currently have three active projects; The Forgotten Forest, The Hedgerow Campaign, and Adelina Wood. The Forgotten Forest and The Hedgerow Campaign are both active and ongoing, whilst Adelina Wood is complete in so far as it is planted up and we have a new young wood growing quietly in St. John.

On these pages we will provide updates on all of our projects and activities, as well as maintain latest news and information on the state of our arboricultural environment. We will also post updates on our Facebook page so feel free to keep an out there too.

If you have questions, concerns, or would like to join or support us, please do get in touch – our trees need all the support they can get.

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JTFL collaborates with Birds on the Edge to plant in Le Mourier Valley

We’re delighted to announce that we have been involved in planting which will have a beneficial effect on the Island’s bird population in years to come. Conrad Evan’s our Arboricultural Officer had explained: “To provide as much as possible in the way of nectar, fruit and habitat to the north coast birds & mammals 1,200 […]

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Summer 2014 latest education news

In the last few weeks Jersey Trees for Life’s Education Officer has carried out workshops for several Island schools: Trinity, Bel Royal and St Lawrence. The sessions were at various locations including Bel Royal School, Jersey Trees for Life’s community woodland Adelina Wood and the charity’s major project, the Forgotten Forest at Val de la […]

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The Forest Man – An inspiration

Take 16 minutes out and enjoy this uplifting story about one man’s efforts – The Forest Man        

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2013 JTfL AGM minutes

2013 AGM minutes:download PDF (file size amall: 184k)

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Spring 2014 Newsletter and Members’ Events

The latest newsletter (May 2014) has been published and circulated to all members. Read the contents which include details of up coming events exclusively organised for our members. Spring2014 – no. 49.pub final

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Adelina Wood 10th Anniversary Celebrations

This weekend sees Jersey Trees for Life celebrate Adelina Wood’s 10th Anniversary. Many members and supporters have already indicated their intention to join the celebrations. The charity is delighted to thank one of its member’s, Frank Falle, who will be on hand to talk about Oak Apple Day. Oak Apple Day was an English public […]

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Endangered Conifers of the World – a talk organised by Jersey Trees for Life

ENDANGERED CONIFERS OF THE WORLD by DAN LUSCOMBE AND MARTIN GARDNER Dan and Martin are renowned experts on conifers. We’re thrilled that they have offered to share their knowledge with us in Jersey. Whilst here, they’ll be visiting the Val de la Mare Arboretum and we very much look forward to hearing their advice and […]

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Hedgerow Campaign – 2014 Update Week 2

The planting of trees & hedging is progressing in Grouville. Corridors are being planted for the squirrel population so they can enjoy free movement from the Le Catillon area in the east to Grand Vaux in the west. This week 516 whips were added, there being about another 400 to plant to complete the project […]

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New Sponsor for Australasian and Conifer Zones at Val de la Mare

Val de la Mare Arboretum A sponsor has recently come forward to fund some re-planting in the Australasian and Conifer Zones. A final audit has been made of the Eucalypts and the like in the Australasian Zone so we know exactly which varieties of tree and shrub we have. Three rare Eucalyptus hybrids are soon […]

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New Project – Mourier Valley

Jersey Trees for Life will be planting a  new woodland in Le Mourier Valley this winter. In conjunction with the “Birds on the Edge” project to help restore Jersey’s coastal habitats, a mix of native trees and shrubs will form an extension to existing woodland in the valley on the cotils north-east and west of […]

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Forgotten Forest Answers to Information Board Questions

If you’ve gone round the Forgotten Forest and tried to answer the questions on the information boards in each zone, well done! Here are the answers: Australasian Zone: A koala eats the leaves of eucalyptus trees. They could not live in Jersey as the island does not provide the correct habitat or climate for these animals. […]

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