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Radisson Blu staff help to maintain newly planted hedgerows

The Association is delighted that staff from the hotel on Jersey’s waterfront continue to offer valuable help and support to care for the Island’s environment. Towards the end of summer, 9 of the hotel’s staff joined our team to clear the young tree and hedging whips from bracken and other weeds to maximise their chances […]

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RBSI volunteers help our Hedgerow Campaign.

A team of five from RBSI bravely toiled the elements when they joined us for a day on our Hedgerow Campaign in St.Clements. After an initial briefing and overview, gloves and sickles were issued and we all set off into the undergrowth. It turned out to be a fine day and the team worked beyond […]

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Hedgerow Campaign – 2014 Update Week 2

The planting of trees & hedging is progressing in Grouville. Corridors are being planted for the squirrel population so they can enjoy free movement from the Le Catillon area in the east to Grand Vaux in the west. This week 516 whips were added, there being about another 400 to plant to complete the project […]

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Count down to planting season 2013/14

As disappointing as the end of summer and the shortening day length is to many, here at Jersey Trees for Life the seasonal signs all around us point to just one thing – the impending arrival of the planting season. This will begin in earnest at the beginning of December. Keep visiting back to find […]

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New hedge completed in Jersey

Hedgerow Campaign 2012 to the present day

This planting season’s Jersey Hedgerow Campaign (JHC) is focused on providing wildlife corridors for the benefit of the island’s squirrel population in the parishes of St.Saviour and Grouville. We’re delighted that the Countryside Enhancement Scheme has supported us by funding some of this project. We’re also really pleased that staff from Radisson Blu have helped with the planting, as […]

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The 2010/2011 Planting Season in Numbers

In total 7,010 tree and hedging whips were planted as part of the Jersey Hedgerow Campaign in the 2010/2011 planting season. This equates to 5.3 km (3.3 miles) of new or restored hedgerows in Jersey. Jersey Trees for Life planted a total of 9,629 tree and hedging whips in all projects during the planting season. […]

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Tree planting season in Jersey

Tree Planting in Jersey

Tree Planting season is usually during the cold months when trees are dormant.

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Field boundaries planted 2009 / 10

This is an old plan but makes up part of the archive and record of work we have accomplished in the Hedgerow campaign.

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