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Alder Collection Spring Clear

The boys have been very busy the last few days clearing the spring growth in the Alder Collection at St. Brelades. Not a lot is said about the collection, but it has been a JTfL project since 1990 when it was planted to study how well different varieties of Alder flourished in local conditions. For […]

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Chinese Zone at Val de la Mare Arboretum – Aerial Views

Part one in our experiment with drone filming to illustrate projects we are working on. This is the Chinese Zone at Val de la Mare, filmed on two occasions, one as we started and then later when some considerable amount of clearing work had been carried out. We’ll be filming again and hopefully end up […]

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‘Trees We Love’ 2015 Winners Revealed

We’re delighted to announce that the winners of the joint Jersey Trees for Life and Guernsey Trees for Life photographic competition have been revealed. A big thank you to RUBiS for supporting the competition. The winning Jersey photograph was entered by Geraldine Gray: The runner-up was an image entered by Mike Etienne: In addition Chris […]

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Adelina Wood 2014

Adelina Wood celebrated it’s 10th Birthday in 2014

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Le Mourier Valley Project 2014 / 2015

Fern clearance and native tree replanting in conjunction with Birds on the Edge

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New hedge completed in Jersey

Hedgerow Campaign 2012 to the present day

This planting season’s Jersey Hedgerow Campaign (JHC) is focused on providing wildlife corridors for the benefit of the island’s squirrel population in the parishes of St.Saviour and Grouville. We’re delighted that the Countryside Enhancement Scheme has supported us by funding some of this project. We’re also really pleased that staff from Radisson Blu have helped with the planting, as […]

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Tree planting season in Jersey

Tree Planting in Jersey

Tree Planting season is usually during the cold months when trees are dormant.

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Forgotten Forest Photos

At Val de la Mare reservoir in St. Ouens, Jersey

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