Adelina Wood

Aim of Project: To create a new community wood on land donated to JTFL

This wood was the inspiration of Enid Gautier who kindly donated the field for the purpose of creating a community woodland.

SatmapAdelinaWoodThe wood comprises of 100 various trees, mostly native but some exotics have been included, and has space for a small nursery for saplings to develop before being planted on elsewhere. The young wood is now featured as a Breathing Place on the BBC’s Breathing Places national community initiative and is often used as a location for school environmental classes to help children learn how to identify trees and their place in the environment and effects and benefits to wildlife.

Following the launch of the Community Woodland at Adelina Wood, Mont a L’Abbe at the beginning of September 2004, all one hundred trees, which are intentionally spaced well apart to allow for growth and avoid the need for cutting back in the future, were sponsored within two months.

The first tree was planted by the Jersey Association of Men of the Trees Patron, His Excellency, The Lieutenant-Governor, Air Chief Marshal Sir John Cheshire K.B.E., C.B. on 9 December 2004, in front of members and guests.


Behind Motor Mall on Grande Route de St Jean


2004 Initial Planting

2014: 10th Anniversary review and replanting

2015: Hoped for expansion and new planting

Views from summer 2014