Alder Collection Jersey

Alder collection JerseyIn conjunction with the National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens (NCCPG) and in response to the potential effects of Dutch Elm disease, Jersey Trees for Life planted, maintains and monitors a collection various species of Alders to study different varieties’ suitability as alternatives for Elm.

The site was planted in 1990 with 29 of the 35 possible varieties of Alder. In most cases a minimum of three plants of each toxin were cultivated and regular records of their progress have been kept.

There are currently two other Alder collections in the UK; Devon and Newcastle.



Please Note: Any person visiting the Alder Collection does so at their own risk and neither Jersey Trees for Life or their agents can take any responsibility for personal loss or injury on the property.

The property is located at Seven Oaks,  St. Brelade, Jersey.


Aim of Project:

To record and measure prosperity of different varieties of Alder in local climate and conditions as possible alternative to Elm.

How this will be achieved:

Long term monitoring. Multiple plants of each variety planted and accurate measurements and progress recorded and submitted to NCCPG.