Bellozanne Valley Compensation Planting

The States of Jersey Infrastructure Department (formerly TTS) is having to remove a certain amount of trees and woodland in Bellozanne Valley in order to accommodate an increase in the size of the sewage treatment plant. To replace or mitigate the number and volume of trees that have been lost two major planting schemes have been commissioned to put back trees and make up for the loss. This has involved planting one area of trees, with another in the pipeline as well as hedgerow planting and infilling initiative, to make up the number of requisite trees.

The first area of new woodland will occupy an area of 105 by 70 metres adjoining the north east escarpment of the valley. 180 trees and 530 understorey and hedging whips making a total of 710 native plants will be planted.  Species included common oak, sweet chestnut, beech and Scots pine with hazel, hawthorn elder and holly to create thickets, an understorey and hedgerow margins. To encourage a variety of habitats, areas have been left un-planted to provide glades and a path runs through it with concentrated planting on each side in order to define the wildlife habitat. The project includes 10 years of management which will include cutting the grass to different heights and the provision of wildlife habitats. A similar amount of trees is also to be planted by the States Infrastructure Department in a very similar way, again overlooking the Valley and creating another woodland habitat. A total of 1.5 hectares of woodland will finally be planted adjacent to the Valley as a haven and retreat for displaced wildlife.

In addition to above, an additional 1,850 metres of hedgerow and tree planting is planned for the coming winter. This will ensure in excess of 2,400 additional whips will be planted which will include some 300 trees. The value of this planting will be to connect Bellozanne Valley to woodlands to both the east and west, namely Vallee des Vaux and Water Works vallies respectively. Either existing hedgerows will be gapped up or new ones planted. This work will be prioritised to ensure the most deserving field boundaries, those with least tree and hedge cover, will be dealt with first to make sure the planting is effective as possible.

Area cleared in Bellozane valley

Area for new planting