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Birds On The Edge Update 2015

The team has been back to Mourier valley recently to evaluate any losses and also to complete the planting of 100 Sweet chestnuts that arrived finally after a brief embargo on imports. Having scoured both sides of the valley checking every plant, we were especially pleased to only count 26 losses, from a total count of a thousand trees and shrubs planted we think thats quite impressive and certainly went beyond our expectations! Having left holes already prepared for when the sweet chestnuts arrived, it was simply a case of planting them and placing shelters as protection. Unfortunately whilst working through the valley we noticed a few previously planted trees and shelters had been tampered with, even finding a catherine wheel attached to one of them! If anyone is enjoying a walk through the area and notices anything suspicious, please get in touch with us or the relevant authorities. We plan to return to Mourier later in early summer/late spring for maintenance/strimming, hopefully the bracken won’t have taken over by then!