Cheap Tree Scheme

cheap tree scheme jersey

The States Nursery at Mont a l’Abbe used to operate a “Cheap Tree Scheme” supplying at low prices bulk quantities of trees and hedging plants for farmers and land owners. This service ended some five years ago.

We have decided to resurrect the service, creating a list of trees and hedging plants with the accent on native species to maintain biodiversity and we will keep records of purchases so that if, in future, there are disease issues for instance, we can track planting locations. This is available to anyone but best suited for farmers, and landowners who require trees in larger quantities. There will be minimum order quantities depending on variety, (this for simplicity’s sake) and we will also offer planting materials such as tree guards, matting etc. if required.

We will aggregate orders to minimise shipping costs and get orders here for the beginning of the planting season – November time.

Trees and Whips available: (min quantity)

Trees £1.00 each
Common oak
Beech (green)
Wild cherry
White willow
Common alder
Scots Pine

Hedging Whips (50) £1.00 each
Grey sallow

15% Discount on trees ordered in denominations of 25 per type.

To place orders or for advice on ordering please contact Conrad on 07797 713 321 or email