College Gardens tree felled

Collegegardens1 Collegegardens2In answer to concerns about trees felled at former Girl’s College site we have made enquiries and can confirm the following:

The Black Poplars were felled some 3 years ago as they had declined in health & vigour & were then considered a liability due to branch drop. Their removal allowed the horse chestnut to fill out & grow better. The Minister decided the Copper Beech, growing to the side of the lessor London Plane tree should be removed. They were competing for the same space & the beech was considered not such a long term asset to the site. If left, it would have resulted in 2 poorly shaped trees with offset & unbalanced crowns. Removing the beech was to alleviate this by providing more space & scope for the Plane to develop. As the opportunity was there before the construction had commenced the tree was removed as a matter of urgency.