Commercial Tree Services

As Jersey’s only charity entirely devoted to trees all of our work is carried out with the long term benefit of the Island’s tree population in mind. Our Arboricultural Officer has over 25 years of professional experience in Jersey and apart from leading our charity funded projects he is also available for commercial work.

For Commercial enquiries and quotes please call now on Tel: +44 1534 857611

 Commercial Tree Care Services from Jersey Trees for Life

Planting & Restoration

The island has seen a huge decline in tree and hedge stock for a variety of reasons;

• Dutch Elm Disease – over 200,000 trees lost

• Great Storm of 1987 – over 20,000 trees lost

• Removal to create larger field & farming units

• General decline in planting due to tenants not investing time & resources in land they do not own.

• Development of land due to pressure from building in sub-urban areas

We can help with planning, acquisition and planting of trees and hedgerows. Also standard & specimen trees planted where appropriate to include urban areas for greater impact.

Woodland Management

• Attend to recently planted copses & woodlands that require thinning out to allow the remaining trees to fully develop. This may include formative pruning & the removal of tree shelters, ties & stakes.

• Manage mature woodland that has been neglected or needs proper management.

Pruning, Remedial Work & Felling

• Formative pruning to ensure good growth pattern, crown raising to allow more light into properties, removal of dead and diseased wood, fruit tree pruning & training

• Reducing & or reshaping small garden trees & shrubs

• Removal of trees due to natural decline or death or to allow for the replacement & replanting of others.

Professional Arboricultural Services

• Individual & multiple tree reports to identify hazards in order to minimise risk and the chance of legal action

• Surveys of groups of trees are also useful as remedial work programmes can be produced allowing the management of both risk and budgets

• Inspecting trees on an annual basis ensures trees are managed correctly & any defects noticed before trees reach a dangerous & a critical state

• Jersey Trees for Life remains a non-profit charity & as such is able to offer independent & unbiased advice.

• Identify & name trees & shrubs in order to create an itinerary of plants in gardens

Fully Insured

Become an annual member of Jersey Trees for Life and besides helping a great cause, enjoy a 10% discount on commercial services labour costs