Cotil de Vibert 2024-04 (7)

In December 2020 Jersey Trees for Life was gifted Côtil de Vibert, a small piece of woodland on Mont Vibert, near Grève de Lecq. Previously, this piece of land had been left unattended but our ownership ensures it is afforded the attention it deserves.

Rossborough Insurance became sponsors of Côtil de Vibert in 2023, providing not only funding for ongoing maintenance but also regular volunteer teams to help carry out this necessary work.

In early 2024, together with a team of six from Rossborough, we planted a selection of native trees including cherry, chestnut, field maple, hazel, holly and oak. Native trees provide superior habitat for local wildlife. Formerly the area had been full of sycamores, which are non-native. The same morning we planted 30m of triple-lined hedgerow to replace a storm-damaged fence.

We’ve since had further assistance, including sycamore removal with a team of our own volunteers and a multi-purpose session with Le Gallais & Luce, who levelled the ground for a new picnic table, created terraces to reduce soil erosion and continued building a dead hedge – a hedge made from deadwood, which is particularly beneficial to biodiversity. You can read more about the benefits of deadwood here.

Our ultimate aim for Côtil de Vibert is to see it rewilded, full of native trees and colourful flora while teeming with wildlife. A recent biodiversity survey of the area shows we’ve already taken a big step in the right direction.

Visit Côtil de Vibert

Park at Grève de Lecq, walk up Mont de Ste Marie past the Moulin de Lecq.

After 10-15 minutes you’ll see the narrow Mont Vibert on your right, opposite a pumping station.

Côtil de Vibert is on the left as you walk up, opposite a hut.


Volunteering with Jersey Trees for Life is a fantastic way to help your local environment while doing yourself a world of good in the process. It’s good for mind, body and soul. Why not give it a go?

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