Our volunteering sessions are a key vehicle for education, regardless of whether the volunteers are corporate, individual or from another community group such as a fellow charity.

Hands-on experience is a great way to learn – and two or three hours of physical activity and interaction with our team continues to prove a highly popular and effective means of engagement.

Corporate Partners have the option of receiving an educational talk as part of their annual membership benefits. A member of our team, usually our Environmental Education Officer, will visit the office to deliver an interactive hour-long talk covering trees, hedgerow, biodiversity, what we do and any upcoming volunteering. We’re happy to tailor the talk, subject to relevance.


Similarly, we’re always keen to help educate the next generation of local environmentalists and therefore take every opportunity we can to deliver educational talks at schools and colleges. If we can coordinate it with activity (such as tree planting in the winter), even better.

We try to ensure education runs through everything we do. That’s why, in partnership with NatWest International, we’re running the Environmental Education Initiative from April 2024 to March 2025. This initiative will see a series of themed weekly educational social media posts complemented by press articles, bimonthly blogs and ongoing educational talks.

Why exactly are trees so important?