Family Walks this Autumn

A series of three walks has been organised by the Association for the benefit of families this autumn. The locations for the walks have been chosen with children in mind in the hope that they will enjoy their experiences and come to appreciate native woodlands more. All walks will be led by our Education Officer, Michel Morel and will last between 1 1/2 and 2 hours. All participants are advised to bring appropriate footwear and clothing in the event of muddy conditions underfoot.

To reserve your place on any of the following walks, please email stating your name and how many are in your party. It would be helpful to leave a contact number in the event that there are any unforeseen cancellations. Alternatively, please contact Jersey Trees for Life’s number on 857611 and leave a message containing the requested information.


October 27th 11am: Adelina Wood*. This walk will be more in the form of a ‘scavenger hunt’ with participants seeking out specific trees and seeing if they’re able to identify the trees from some of its notable features. There will also be an opportunity to hear about the history of this young woodland on the edge of town, and the Association’s hopes for the wood in the future. Finally, there will be a brief talk about how trees have been used for centuries by humans in medicine.

November 3rd 11am: The Forgotten Forest, Val de la Mare*. Touring the various zones in the Channel Island’s most impressive arboretum, this walk will take in some of the autumn colours which will be on display. How vivid these colours are will depend on weather conditions in preceding weeks. The maple trees in the American section will hopefully be displaying their wonderful orange and red foliage. There may be an opportunity for seed gathering for children. As the walk progresses, find out about the history of this special place.

December 1st 11am: St. Peter’s Valley Woodland Walk*.  Inspired by the book Kicking Leaves and Hugging Trees, this walk will head south and take in the sights to behold in a Jersey woodland in winter. The evergreen hollies will be especially noticeable at this time of year as a wonderful woodland tree. Learn about the folklore of trees in Jersey and how some trees are more aggressive than others!

* The meeting points for the walks are as follows:

Adelina Wood: small car park in the woodland (behind the Motor Mall on La Grande Route de St Jean, down the very small and narrow lane on the left, immediately south of the garage).

Forgotten Forest: upper car park (opposite aMaizin! Adventure Park).

St. Peter’s Valley: The Moulin de Quetivel mill pond car park (further up the valley than the mill itself)