Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to Jersey Trees for Life.

Formerly Jersey Men of the Trees, we are a registered charity in Jersey providing protection, care, and education for and about trees on our island. We provide educational services to schools and organisations, plan and manage environmental care schemes including volunteer work, and provide expert advice on trees and hedges and their associated environments to the wider public and business.

We currently have several active projects including Val de la Mare Arboretum, The Hedgerow Campaign, Adelina Wood,Cheap Tree Scheme, Town Tree Survey. Val de la Mare Arboretum, The Hedgerow Campaign, Cheap Tree Scheme and Town Tree Survey are all active and ongoing, whilst Adelina Wood is complete in so far as it is planted and thriving and we have a new young wood growing quietly in St. John.

On these pages we will provide updates on all of our projects and activities, as well as maintain latest news and information on the state of our arboricultural environment. We will also post updates on our Facebook page so feel free to keep an eye out there too.

If you have questions, concerns, or would like to join or support us, please do get in touch – our trees need all the support they can get.