Investec Volunteers lend a hand

We were very fortunate recently to be joined by the team from Investec who are very kindly helping to sponsor us for the next 3 years. Our aim on day 1 was to sickle back undergrowth on a new hedge, planted in april as part of the Birds on the edge project. We didn’t expect them to finish the whole hedge totalling 620 plants on the first day! Day 2 for the other half of the team, proved equally challenging as we created a new access path linking two zones in our arboretum at Val de la mare. Both teams exceeded expectations and put in a fantastic effort. A massive thank you to Theresa Coombs, Karen Scott, Stephen Rafferty, Dom Michon, Shelly Cassidy, Michelle Le Clerc, Steve O’Regan, Andy Smith, Mark Ray, Natasha Rice and Kyria Davies. We really look forward to seeing you again in the planting season! Well done all.

Our Arboriculturist Conrad Evans also commented…

“I would like to thank everyone for their sterling work on both the hedge by St Ouen’s Pond & in the new Chinese Zone at Val de la Mare Arboretum. It was uncertain how long the 200 m hedge with its multiple rows would take to clear but the Monday group certainly stood up to the plate & completed it in what is now a record time! After a difficult start, trying to find a way up on the bank, they got into the swing off things & exceed ours & probably their expectations. So, having had plan B in place for the following day, the Tuesday group had a different venue to experience & again came up with the goods, opening a ground breaking path to connect to another nearby zone. Even Dr Livingston would have pleased with their progress as they fought their way through the jungle of bramble & fallen trees. Both groups really immersed themselves in it & I mean that quite literally, seeing how high the bracken and bramble was. I think a lesson learned by one fellow was that shorts are not a good idea. But there were no complaints from him or anyone about the challenging conditions”.