Jersey Bat Group Walk 11th May Val de la Mare

A great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the environment whilst learning something new about local wildlife.

Have you ever wondered what a bat sounds like? What they eat? Where they live? If they really are as blind as people say? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then the Jersey Bat Group are here to answer your questions and, hopefully, show you some bats at Val De La Mare Reservoir on Saturday the 11th May 2013.

The reservoir is a well known and popular roost site for more than one species of bat, which can be seen and heard just after dusk swooping low over the water and flying loop the loops above your head. With the help of our bat detectors, we hope to help you hear them homing in on their prey, while giving you a little more information about these beautiful creatures.

Sunset is at 20:40, so weather permitting we’ll be setting off from the reservoir’s top car park at 20:00. We’ll slowly meander our way down to the dam in time to see the bats out for their evening flight.

Should the weather not be on our side, i.e. raining, the walk will be re-scheduled for the following Saturday 18th May.

This walk is open to all, with wheelchair access for the entire walk. The walk is free of charge, however a collection tin will be brought out at the end should you wish to make a donation.

Please email for any further information.