Last Volunteer session with Investec Sept 2018

With a mixture of both gratitude and sadness, we hosted our last volunteer session with the team from Investec recently. They very kindly sponsored a hedgerow planting close to St.Ouens pond and have been an integral part of its planting and maintenance for the last three years.

The project was initially proposed to work in conjunction with another ongoing programme called Birds On The Edge and , to date, has proven to be successful by creating an extended hedgerow to act as a wildlife corridor, shelter/protection for a myriad of species such as bats, birds and squirrels along the exposed eastern side of the marshland.

As a parting gesture, Investec have promised additional funds to maintain the hedgerow up to five years!

We are all extremely grateful to Investec for all their hard work over the last few years as well as financial support for invaluable planting projects such as this one.

From all of us at Jersey Trees For Life a very heartfelt thank you.