Mourier Valley Project

Mourier valley tree planting project for BOTEIn conjunction with local environmental partnership Birds on the Edge, JTfL have been asked to provide technical support in the construction of an open woodland on the eastern slope above Mourier Valley Reservoir. The area is currently overgrown with bracken and is not serving as constructive habitat for native endangered birds. The aim therefore is to restore appropriate habitat for native birds as well as invertebrates, reptiles and mammals.


Landparcel J5, J11, J12 on the eastern slope above the Mourier valley reservoir.

Aim of Project:

This project will achieve the following:

  1. Creation of woodland habitat for resident and migrant bird species.
  2. Increase of connectivity between other neighbouring habitats of woodland, hedges, coastal grassland and conservation fields.
  3. Removal of invasive species (bracken) which has encroached on scrub and woodland and reduced species richness.
Cornish chough

Cornish chough – click to enlarge

How this will be achieved:

  • Work: To remove patches of bracken and plant clusters of trees. To monitor the work, the saplings and the changes in wildlife as the habitat improves.
  • Workforce: Jersey Trees For Life and BOTE volunteers.
  • Funding: CES application and private donations.


  • Aug – Nov 2013: Fundraising and planning
  • Dec 2013 – Feb 2014: Bracken clearance and tree planting.
  • 2014 – 2017: Monitoring and management works.

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