Mourier Valley Project Begins!

The Birds On The Edge project at Mourier valley is underway with the aim of planting over one thousand native tree and shrub species. Species include Oak, Hazel, Elder as well as Hawthorn and Blackthorn. Unfortunately, due to a temporary ban on importing sweet chestnut we were unable to plant any at the time, however we have left a number of open plots for when the ban is lifted- hopefully by the next planting season! We were very fortunate to be joined by all the team from Ecoscape who made a stirling effort with all aspects of the project, thanks to them we were able to plant all the trees and shrubs over a much shorter timeframe. The terrain itself was very challenging due to the steep sides of the valley, however the views alone were worth it. If you are passing near this unspoilt and picturesque part of Jersey it would be worth a stroll and take in the beauty of this hidden valley. We’ll be back in the summer to tackle any undergrowth and check on any progress but in the meantime a big thank you to all who took part in helping to make our island a more biodiverse place to live!