New squirrel rope bridge in St.Ouen!

A new rope bridge has been constructed across Route de Marais (Hydrangea Avenue) in St.Ouen allowing safer access for the local squirrel population.

The project was initiated by local farmer Peter Houguez who became concerned about the number of dead squirrels he was finding on the road.

After researching various avenues, funding was realised through the Co-op Eco-fund and, having then gained consent for the bridge from all relevant parties, Conrad Evans, our resident arboriculturist, was able to place the access line between an evergreen oak and a Scots pine,using a mixture of bowline and clove-hitches at the east end of the avenue.

The bridge itself was kindly donated by Ports of Jersey and was fixed at 20ft above the road to allow safe passage of, not only the squirrels, but the tallest of vehicles and is insured, just in case.

JTFL are proud to be a part of this project and will be maintaining the bridge in the years to come.