IMG_1666 help create access path!

We were recently joined by the team from, a local online retailer and clearly ecologically aware as they set to work on an access path we’re in the process of creating, the path itself connecting our recently created Chinese zone with the already well established Wingnut zone at our Arboretum at Val de la Mare.

Their mission was to dig out and level an easy to walk gradual slope at the beginning of one end of the access path in the Wingnut zone and clear the path onwards. They soon made excellent progress and had surpassed themselves by reaching well ahead of the initial target point, as well as digging out numerous small tree stumps which could have been future trip hazards.

The team seemed very taken with our role as Guardians of the Arboretum and indicated a return volunteer session is definitely on the cards when their busy christmas period is over.

A massive thanks again to all at please come back again soon!