Aim Of Project

To restore and protect Jersey’s hedgerows and farmland trees for the benefit of the Island’s biodiversity. 


Island Wide 

Our annual hedgerow campaign has been running since 2007 increasing biodiversity, creating safe corridors and habitats for wildlife and reducing soil erosion around agricultural fields.  


Hedgerows in Jersey are a relatively recent 1700s addition to the Jersey landscape, planted to protect the apple blossom from prevailing winds as the cider industry grew. Unfortunately, Dutch elm disease and the Great Storm of 1987 had a significant detrimental impact on our hedgerows which resulted in the loss and degradation of many hedges.  

Over the past fifteen years, the Charity in conjunction with sponsors, corporate & environmental partners have planted many thousands of meters of hedging comprising native species such as hawthorn, field maple, holly, blackthorn, hazel and wild privet.  

Between December and February, each hedgerow is revised in early autumn, to check on its development and to carry out maintenance as required. In the third year, we return to remove our biodegradable spirals, shelters, and canes to not impede their growth.