Aim Of Project

To restore the arboretum and develop as a site for rare trees



Grand Route de Saint-Pierre, St Peter 

An Arboretum is a botanical garden devoted to trees and as you walk around Val de la Mare reservoir you will notice many species of plants which are clearly not native to Jersey such as Eucalyptus, Giant Redwoods, Korean Birch trees & Japanese Cedars.  

The Arboretum has been divided into twelve distinct collections and as you walk from the main entrance car park you can pass through: 

  1. The Australasia Collection 
  2. The American Collection 
  3. The Birch Collection 
  4. The Chinese Collection 
  5. The Conifer Collection 
  6. The Elm Trial Collection 
  7. The Japanese Collection 
  8. The Mediterranean Collection 
  9. The Mixed Oak Collection 
  10. The North American Collection 
  11. The Pine Collection 
  12. The Walnut and Wingnut Collection 

The Arboretum was created by the Moores family in 1975 in memory of their son Nigel who tragically died in a car accident in the South of France. Seeds were carefully sourced from around the world, with the original planting carried out by The States of Jersey. Unfortunately, once the initial funding had ended the on-going care of the trees suffered and the area became neglected. In 2021, Jersey Trees for Life entered into an agreement with Jersey Water to take over responsibility for planting, maintenance and tree care.  


More recently we have been working with leading plant biologists to map all the trees of significance within the arboretum, to write a collections policy and to formulate an overall master plan for the area which will dictate how the area will develop over the next 20 years.