New squirrel rope bridge in St.Ouen!

A new rope bridge has been constructed across Route de Marais (Hydrangea Avenue) in St.Ouen allowing safer access for the local squirrel population. The project was initiated by local farmer Peter Houguez who became concerned about the number of dead squirrels he was finding on the road. After researching various avenues, funding was realised through […]

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Hedgerow Campaign 2018 update cont’d.

Our 2018 Hedgerow Campaign has been proceeding extremely well despite the winter weather and, having recruited a couple of seasonal workers plus the successful extra help from the Conservation volunteers, I can report that we have exceeded the 5,000 mark and still have another month or so to go! Our campaign this year has been […]

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Gibraltar Rock planting project complete!

Having successfully covered the necessary area with a suitable layer of topsoil previously, we were able, finally after the winter rain subsided, to plant a mixture of native hedging along the inside of the fencing. The current fence has previously been the subject of public dissatisfaction as it was deemed not in keeping with the […]

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Anne St. tree losses Feb 2018 (Updated)

We’ve recently been informed about a number of trees removed from the current development site in Anne St by Andium Homes. One of the trees destroyed was a 15m Tulip tree approx 20-25 years old and all the trees were surveyed less than six months ago as part of the JTfL Town Tree Survey. It’s […]

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Volunteers join us for our Hedgerow Campaign!

Sunday 11th Febuary and time for the annual Jersey Conservation volunteers to join us on our Hedgerow Campaign. It has to be said that we were very impressed by the turnout of approx 40 people, including a mini-busload of foreign exchange students courtesy of Durrell Conservation. The weather that day was, shall we say, less […]

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Eco Grant Fund Jersey

Woodland & Ecology Grant Fund

We are very pleased to be able to introduce a grant fund to help support environmental projects which can be used to help non-profit groups and organisations in their efforts to enhance the natural environment of the island. And it does not have to be only tree based projects. Any projects that will help the […]

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Planting Update Jan 2018

We’ve been making good progress on our Hedgerow Campaign so far in St.Peter/St.Brelade. Consent was granted and we’ve been busy planting approx 1000 trees re-instating former hedgerows and creating wildlife corridors to connect with last years planting. There is still some way to go but we’re confident that, with help from volunteers, and some extra […]

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New Planting Project at Gibraltar Rock

We’ve been successful with our application to plant up an area on the west side of Gibraltar Rock at St.Catherines which is currently fenced off. Ports of Jersey recently removed some temporary safety barriers on site and, after consultation with our Tree expert Conrad Evans, decided a natural barrier of various native plant species was […]

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Planting Season 2017/18 has begun!

Here we go again, the annual cycle of planting! For the next 4-5 months we’ll be out and about planting as many trees and hedgerows as possible, until april 2018. This winter we’ve brought in ready approx. 7,500 trees and hedgerow whips, all native, and are hoping to have them all in their new homes […]

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Jersey Trees for Life Christmas Cards

JSPCA Christmas Fair 3rd December

We will be participating at the JSPCA Christmas Fair at the Animal Shelter, 89 St Saviour Road, on Sunday 3rd December – Open from 11:00am until 4:00pm where you can buy our new Christmas cards designed by Lauren Radley – amongst other things!    

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Jersey Ring Road Tree Survey

Tree Survey update..

Phase one of the Tree Survey is now complete! All public trees situated along and inside the ring road of St.Helier have now been surveyed, a total of 745! Tallest tree(s): Poplar Aspen (Populas tremula) 26 metres- located in the grounds of Springfield Stadium. Widest tree (trunk): London Plane (Platinus x Hispanica) 1.3m- located in […]

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