Radisson Blu Partnership

The Radisson Blu Hotel in St Helier is the latest organisation to have chosen to support Jersey’s only tree charity.

The announcement was made to all those attending the lavish 5th anniversary celebrations on 1st November at the 5th Floor Le Hocq Suite which was suitably adorned with a variety of trees to set the sylvan theme which was much in evidence throughout the night.

Chief among the reasons to support JTFL is that a 5th anniversary is often associated with wood . Those involved with the hotel also wished to support a charity which would fit in well with its Responsible Business Programme. The partnership makes sense for both rganisations as, once fully established, Jersey Trees for Life will be able to showcase its projects to both visitors and islanders who are guests at the hotel. Discussions have raised the prospect oguests having the opportunity to tour the Forgotten Forest at Val de la Mare.

The charity will welcome staff volunteer parties who have offered to assist with planting and maintenance activities at various times throughout the year. The partnership will last for two years and, as a start, Radisson Blu has pledged to plant 500 trees in 2013. Lydia Smith, the hotel’s Director of Sales and Marketing commented: “We’re very much looking forward to working with you”.