The 2010/2011 Planting Season in Numbers

In total 7,010 tree and hedging whips were planted as part of the Jersey Hedgerow Campaign in the 2010/2011 planting season. This equates to 5.3 km (3.3 miles) of new or restored hedgerows in Jersey. Jersey Trees for Life planted a total of 9,629 tree and hedging whips in all projects during the planting season.

Appropriately 2011 has been designated the UN International Year of the Forest. We are grateful to the Royal Bank of Canada (CI) and to Beaulieu Convent School for offering volunteers to assist with the planting. Hautlieu School and RBS International have already organised sessions to help us maintain some of the hedgerows this summer. As ever a HUGE thank you to the Probation and After-Care service who contributed by preparing substantial numbers of holes in which the whips were to be planted and subsequently fitting the mulch mats and spiral guards after planting had been completed.