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Jersey Trees for Life (JTFL), in partnership with the National Trust for Jersey have launched a fund dedicated to the restoration and management of Jersey’s trees, hedgerows and woodlands following the damage caused by Storm Ciarán.

Our priority will be to replace storm-damaged trees in high profile locations and then to develop a comprehensive plan to ensure the right trees are planted in the right places across the island.

As the only charity dedicated to trees in Jersey we are ideally placed to lead this initiative in partnership with the National Trust for Jersey, who share and support our passion for caring for the island’s natural environment.

The purpose of the fund is to enable individuals, organisations and parishes to apply for funding to plant trees on land which delivers public amenity and enjoyment. All funding will cover the cost of the tree, the labour costs of planting the tree and three years of maintenance.

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Maintenance will take the form of formative pruning of standard trees and the shaping of hedgerows twice a year.

There are three tiers of donations available:

  • £20 – a 2-3 year old tree placed within a hedgerow
  • £150 – a standard tree planted in a publicly accessible area
  • £1,000 – a large tree planted in a prominent public location

All donations will include a certificate identifying the location of your tree. When you are redirected to our GoCardless page for payment, it will look like a direct debit form, but we can confirm it will only be for a single payment when you submit it.

A hedging whip


A standard tree


A public tree


Maintenance would take the form of formative pruning of standard trees and the shaping of hedgerows twice a year.

This fund was launched with a tree planting ceremony on Tuesday 19 December at 14:30 at the parade where a fallen beech tree was replaced with a liquidambar tree by the Lieutenant Governor and the Connétable of the Parish of St Helier.

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