We offer an extensive range of environmentally friendly tree and hedgerow services to meet the needs of local landowners.

Over spring and summer we can provide a low-impact branchage service that considers the resident wildlife. Tree and hedgerow planting services are available throughout winter, from late autumn onwards.

Our experienced, friendly team can also provide tree and hedgerow maintenance, woodland management and general tree advice and consultancy.

Tree & Hedgerow Planting


We can assist you across all aspects of tree and hedgerow planting, from advice on tree selection to carrying out the work and ongoing aftercare.

Having been planting trees and hedgerows in Jersey since 1937, our local knowledge and experience in this area is unrivalled.

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Tree Care


We offer the following, carried out by our dedicated team of arborists:
 - Crown reduction
 - Raising & thinning
 - Weight reduction
 - Felling & damage treatment

All of our work comply with British standards, taking into consideration the associated wildlife & surrounding environment.

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Low Impact Branchage


We can branchage your hedgerow in a manner which does not damage the tree bark, expose the soil to the elements or cause harm to the local wildlife.

Our branchage techniques are low impact and based on best practice as advised by the Jersey Branchage Group. We aim to improve the well-being of your hedgerows through careful management. 

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Woodland management


If you're a landowner potentially interested in creating new woodland, our team can provide you with a wide range of advice an matters such as:

 - Creating new wildlife habitats

 - Identifying species for planting and removal

 - Managing non-native and invasive species

 - Ongoing care of your land

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Advice and consultancy


We provide advice and consultancy on all aspects of tree and hedgerow services.

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Meet the Team

We couldn’t do what we do without our great people.

Mark McCarroll
Chief Arborist

Josh Francis

Matt Fennell
Tree & Hedgerow Specialist

Lee Tucker
Tree & Hedgerow Specialist

Tuscany Jones
Apprentice Arborist