Tree & Hedgerow Services

Tree & hedgerow planting 

We can assist you or your organisation in all areas of tree & hedgerow planting, from advice on what trees to include, to carrying out the work and the ongoing after care. We have been planting a trees & hedgerows in Jersey since 1937 and have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise over that time.   


Tree care including environmentally sensitive tree felling & pruning 

Our team of arborists are able to carry out the following tree services: 

Crown reduction, raising or thinning, weight reduction, felling and dealing with storm damaged trees. All of our work is done to British standards and always with the wildlife and surrounding environment taken into full consideration.  


Low impact branchage 

We can branchage your hedgerow in a manner which does not damage the bark on your trees, expose the soil to the elements or cause harm to the local wildlife. Our branchage techniques are low impact and based on best practice as advised by the Jersey Branchage Group. It is our aim to improve the quality of your hedgerows through careful management.  


Woodland management 

If you have an area of land, our team can provide advice on creating wooded habitats, identifying which species to plant, which trees to remove, how to manage non-native and invasive species as well as the on-going care of your land.  


Advice and consultancy 

We provide advice and consultancy on all aspects of tree and hedgerow services.  


Get Involved 

There are lots of ways to get involved with Jersey Trees for Life to help plant and protect more trees in Jersey.  

You can become a member, take a look at our different packages to see which one is right for you. Membership 


Tree & Hedgerow Volunteers 

You could join our team of volunteers, working in countryside alongside our tree and hedgerow specialists. This work may involve planting & growing new trees, tree care and protection or land management.  


Operations Volunteers 

However, we also require assistance in our operations team, fundraising, event management, data processing & research. If you think you have skills helpful to the Charity, please contact us 

Removing old shelters & spirals 

If you spot an old shelter or spiral which is clearly no longer needed by the tree, please let us know and we can check if it was planted by us.