Val de la Mare Arboretum Jersey


Grand route de St. Ouen, Reservoir Walk, Jersey
Between East car-park on Grande route de St. Ouen (opposite Amaizin Maze) and running either side of paths to and around eastern parts of reservoir.

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Forgotten Forest - Val de la Mar Arboretum Jersey

Val de la Mar Arboretum Jersey – zone plan

Aim of Project:

Restore the arboretum to its former glory

How this will be achieved:

Proper tree care and tree and land management.




In 1975 a sum of money was donated by the Moores family in memory of their son, Nigel, who had tragically died as a result of a car accident in the south of France.

Their wish was to create an arboretum in his memory which would be enjoyed by future generations.

The States of Jersey was tasked with identifying an area of land suitable for this purpose. An area surrounding the Val de la Mare reservoir was considered the most suitable.

Forgotten-Forest-LightwebSeveral organisations were involved in the original establishment of the arboretum. Hundreds of seeds of tree species from around the world were sourced with guaranteed provenance. The seedlings were nurtured at the States’ of Jersey nurseries and then planted at Val de la Mare. Eventually funding dried up and subsequent maintenance was kept to a bare minimum with just essential footpath clearance being carried out. Meanwhile some of the exotic trees became overgrown with aggressive native species and some were lost. The great storm of 1987 also damaged the collection.

Today the arboretum is at a critical stage. It needs to be restored and regenerated or this forgotten forest will be beyond salvation.

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The Forgotten Forest by Sue Daly from Jersey Trees for Life on Vimeo.