An arboretum is a botanical garden devoted to trees.

As you walk (or run) around Val de la Mare Arboretum you’ll notice various tree species which are clearly not native to Jersey. These include such fine specimens as eucalyptus, giant redwood, Korean birch and Japanese cedar.

Val de la Mare Arboretum comprises ten distinct tree collections: 

  1. Australasian Collection 
  2. Oak Collection 
  3. Pine Collection 
  4. North American Collection 
  5. Conifer Collection 
  6. Japanese Collection 
  7. Elm Collection 
  8. Birch Collection 
  9. Walnut Collection 
  10. Chinese Collection 

The arboretum was extensively damaged in November 2023 when Jersey bore the brunt of Storm Ciarán, the worst storm in decades. Among the trees lost were three large eucalypti and several large oaks, elms and pines, while some of the swamp cypresses and coastal redwoods survived despite serious damage. Fortunately, however, far more trees survived than were claimed by the elements.

Since the storm, the support from our volunteers in contributing to the clear-up operation has been nothing short of immense. We’re extremely grateful to all the individuals and companies who have stepped forward to offer their physical and financial support, helping us ensure the arboretum is not only restored but can also flourish for future generations to enjoy.

Val de la Mare Arboretum was established by the Moores family in 1975, with seeds carefully sourced from around the world and planted by the States of Jersey. Once the initial funding had ended, however, ongoing tree care suffered and the area became neglected. The Forgotten Forest, as it was once named, became exactly that.

In 2012, we entered into an agreement with the landowners, Jersey Water, to assume ongoing responsibility for care of the arboretum, including planting and maintenance. An additional three-year grant was agreed in 2023 to refresh this local beauty spot, including new trees, walking routes and signage.

Recently we have been working with leading plant biologists to map the arboretum’s significant trees and formulate an overall plan which will dictate how the arboretum and its collections develop over the coming decades.

Following the extensive damage caused by Storm Ciarán in November 2023, our short-term focus shifted to the ongoing clear-up operation but our plans and goals remain unchanged.

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