Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to Jersey Trees for Life. Formerly Jersey Men of the Trees, we are a registered charity in Jersey providing protection, care, and education for and about trees on our island. We provide educational services to schools and organisations, plan and manage environmental care schemes including volunteer work, and provide expert advice on […]

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Trees, Carbon, & Oxygen

Richard Feynman was a Nobel prize winning physicist and one of the great minds of the twentieth century. He was a gifted and charming speaker and was one of true characters of science. Here he explains beautifully without realising my personal motives in sharing this, how trees store carbon, release oxygen, and hence why they […]

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Sycamore tree - Acer pseudoplatanus

Sycamore Acer pseudoplatanus – Did you know?

I’ve chosen to talk about the Sycamore as many of us are taking the opportunity to explore our countryside and you will notice that this strong and resilient tree is everywhere. It can reach 20 meter high and live for 60-100yrs and because many native trees were lost during the occupation the sycamore has taken […]

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While you’re out and about, don’t look down, look up.

Hydrangeas Avenue – Jersey Horse Chestnuts (Aesculus hippocastanum) Spiky cases, gleaming seeds, celebrated by children. Horse chestnuts, with their mahogany-bright conkers, are the very essence of autumn. The horse chestnut is particularly prized as an amenity tree because of its striking (upward growing) flowers, which can be seen in early June each year, and once […]

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trees in jersey

Activities: Would you save a tree?

Should you save a tree? The Mayor of Treedwell is keen to cut down an old tree to make room for more housing. Do you think the tree should be chopped down, or do you think the tree should be saved? In order to decide, you’ll need to think about how important the tree is. […]

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Adopt a tree (and other things to do outside)

As many of us have more time on our hands for a while here are some more things that you and your children may enjoy doing together: Making maps? Nature photography? Adopt a tree? Click on the button below for some new ideas.. And if you’d like you can tell us about how you get […]

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Branchage Campaign – Best Practice Guidelines 2020

The Branchage Campaign has, by gathering stakeholders together, been hugely successful in driving change in branchage practices and with a great deal of effort and dedication by all involved made considerable headway in improving practices. Training has taken place and new Guidelines produced which have been progressively adopted and hopefully they will become the V1 […]

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Jersey trees for life planting hedgerows and trees with St Peters school

St. Peters School hedgerows and trees

Back in March this year we joined St Peters school to plant hedge whips and trees around their school grounds. Every child had the chance to do some planting with Robin and the team and everyone enjoyed the experience. We did an assembly this week to follow up and so we could share more about […]

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Seed calendar jersey trees

Seed Calendar & Collecting Guide

SEED CALENDAR and GUIDELINES Here is our Tree Seed Calendar showing times when trees flower so help pollinators, and when they seed so you can collect seeds. It includes guidelines for educators and goes on to how to germinate and grow trees from seed. More detailed information will be forthcoming soon, but feel free to […]

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