This beautiful memorial woodland was first planted in 2004, thanks to the generosity of Enid Gautier. Enid wished to promote tree planting while creating a community area for the nearby residents, in memory of her mother, Adelina.  


Most of the trees planted are native species, with several sweet chestnut, hawthorn, oak and apple trees. There are also exotic specimens such as a handkerchief tree and a sweet gum to provide additional interest to the many dog walkers and families who visit throughout the year.   


Walking around the woodland, you may be surprised to learn that the land was originally part of the Champion family brick field. This is a fine example of how it is never too late to restore an area back to nature.  

Visit Adelina Wood

From St Helier, head north up La Grande Route de St Jean and turn right immediately before Motor Mall.

If you’re heading south, turn left just after Motor Mall.

Adelina Wood is clearly signposted from both directions.


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